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kristophorios ([personal profile] kristophorios) wrote2009-06-22 02:22 pm
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Summer started

So graduation was on the 14th and 314 young people graduated which for my small town is a big deal, we have a day care at school for goodness sake, so that many graduating is a big deal...
Summer is officially here and its going to be a long one, I am still not working, I miss the store that I had to close last November and the unemployment rate for our town is at 10%, that sucks..
My birthday is next Tuesday and not sure how I am going to celebrate, hopefully I will be going to see Chris Kane in concert on Sunday.
I changed my MYSPACE page... go look
My writing is coming along slowly some days just not motivated and some days my muse won't shut up...
My annoying neighbor is home for the summer..
Overall I am ok, kids hanging out with me, My Mom is doing ok for now, no episodes. Life is long as I have my music..